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>>I want to get a bunch and put them on a diorama.

>Then FGs are the best way to go if you have the time to spend on making
>them look good. You might want to consider using different scales of
>Zaku II kits if you will be taking a photograph of the diorama from the
>side instead of taking an aerial view type of picture.
What I was thinking of is to put maybe 3 or 4 Zaku's and one RX-78-2. I have
already built one diorama, it has my Zaku FZ, Jegan,GM ground and Space type,
and my HG Zeta.
>> I am weird in a way. I use HG kits for practice and I do my best on FG
>>models. I don't know why, I just do.

>Hey, that's cool. No one says you have to work with MG or PG kits to be
>considered "normal".
Thanks. At least somebody does't think I'm weird.
>> The only place I can get FG models is at Legends. So I would be getting
>>ripped off buying from them.

>Their price feels expensive these days, but actually it hasn't changed
>- before they jack the price up at over twice the yen price then give you
>a 30% discount. Now it's at about 70% or 80% over the yen price, so it's
>gone up, but not by a whole lot. For smaller kits I think it's still cheap
>to buy them locally, even from Legends, than to have them shipped from
>unless your order for the accessories and other supplies is very substantial.
 They have FG kits there for I think $6.95.
>There's a store called the Hobby Place located in West L.A. I think, I've
>never shoped there before but they used to have MG kits at fairly decent
>prices, you might want to check them out, their # is 310-836-2000. Since
>you are close by Legends, you should go to Frank & Sons, you can get some
>cheap kits there (just be sure to inspect the parts and avoid the
>Chinese made ones). They're open on Wednesday evenings and Saturday for
>the whole day until 5PM. From Legends, just go east on Colima, make a
>right at Nogales and make a right at the first light after the railroad
>track (I think the street's name is San Jose). Keep going until you see
>a warehouse with a packed lot on the left hand side of the street and a
>catering truck by the ramps and you're there. There's a guy there that
>sells MG kits at 100 yen = $1.00.
Wow! thats cheap. What is the differance with the BenDi and the BanDai kits?
Oh and nce I went to this store and saw these G-Unit models Withought the
BanDia logo.It was scary.
>>The only things I get from Legends, is paint.

>I stopped buying anything from them since they started to have this
>attitude of "we only want to serve rich kids who want their kits now"
>even after Wing fever's died down a bit.
When I go there they don't have an attitude. They are pretty nice actually. I
get paint from them because I get Gunze Sangyo paint and that is the only
place i could find it.

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