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 1 Turn-A Gundam
 2 RX-78-2 Gundam
 3 MS-06R Zaku II
 4 MS-14A Gelgoog
 5 MS-07B Gouf
 Regardless of how people love to bash on Kunio Okawara, his design proved
 to be more popular than the Turn-A, which is still gathering dust in HLJ's
 warehouse even though it was the first design out of the gate. Wait a few
 more months and you will probably see it moved to HLJ's clearance sales
 section at blowout prices.

I don't think Kunio sucks. Yeah his Wing designs are derivative, but that
has more to do with Wing then him. Does anyone know where I can find the
Nano Chogokin RX-78?


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