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Wed, 27 Sep 2000 02:46:17 -0700

>I want to get a bunch and put them on a diorama.

Then FGs are the best way to go if you have the time to spend on making
them look good. You might want to consider using different scales of
Zaku II kits if you will be taking a photograph of the diorama from the
side instead of taking an aerial view type of picture.

> I am weird in a way. I use HG kits for practice and I do my best on FG
>models. I don't know why, I just do.

Hey, that's cool. No one says you have to work with MG or PG kits to be
considered "normal".

> The only place I can get FG models is at Legends. So I would be getting
>ripped off buying from them.

Their price feels expensive these days, but actually it hasn't changed much
- before they jack the price up at over twice the yen price then give you
a 30% discount. Now it's at about 70% or 80% over the yen price, so it's
gone up, but not by a whole lot. For smaller kits I think it's still cheap
to buy them locally, even from Legends, than to have them shipped from Japan,
unless your order for the accessories and other supplies is very substantial.

There's a store called the Hobby Place located in West L.A. I think, I've
never shoped there before but they used to have MG kits at fairly decent
prices, you might want to check them out, their # is 310-836-2000. Since
you are close by Legends, you should go to Frank & Sons, you can get some
cheap kits there (just be sure to inspect the parts and avoid the
Chinese made ones). They're open on Wednesday evenings and Saturday for
the whole day until 5PM. From Legends, just go east on Colima, make a
right at Nogales and make a right at the first light after the railroad
track (I think the street's name is San Jose). Keep going until you see
a warehouse with a packed lot on the left hand side of the street and a
catering truck by the ramps and you're there. There's a guy there that
sells MG kits at 100 yen = $1.00.

>The only things I get from Legends, is paint.

I stopped buying anything from them since they started to have this
attitude of "we only want to serve rich kids who want their kits now"
even after Wing fever's died down a bit.


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