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>yeah...what happened to that display proposal for the anime convention? personally,
game ako diyan. if you guys wanna display cars too, fine with me ^_^

hmmmm! on the cars thing...could you do the stuff from You're under arrest?
 yung mga Honda nila na police cars? COOL yun! o kaya yung mga cars ng Gunsmith
cats! Hanep! I haven't thought of it that way til now.

>by all means, Mechapinoy should have a website, and not just to show off the
kits we have, but to show who we are too.

This is a viable thing to say, actually. We should show who we are!

>sino ba d2 pwede gumawa na magaling sa HTML? I could have volunteered for
that if I didn't forget all those HTML stuff I learned back in highschool and
now I'm stuck with using Netscape Composer :(

turuan mo ako!

>>so let's get moving! I say this kasi we should get this up soon...I see a
>>of boom coming in the horizon about kits, and it's not tied into the 4wd thing

>>directly. game?
>GAME! how I wish the day when the mini-racer craze is all but gone was tomorrow

Actually, I see it as this: the serious kittters of the future will come out
of this craze, when they get tired of it and move on to hopefully Gundam. BUT,
if they are in the way of me and my gundams, they are dead.
>>but seriously: invite more model kit people. even those who aren't exclusively

>>mecha people, join na sila, basta mahilig sa sci-fi kit building or anime
>> I have to admit, I learned a lot from our warhammer contingent, whom I would

>>never have met kung hindi ako nagtambay doon.
>>so, let's go people!
>sure thing...we could certainly learn a thing or two from the warhammer guys
and vice versa - and it would help both in the long run. we ought to help each
other out to weather this mini-racer storm and live through it ^_^

Actually, we can learn fine detail work from teh warhammer guys, and we can
introduce them to the weirdness of having poseable kits, not to mention the
fact that our spare parts make for damn good extra pieces for orcs....and besides,
cool ang warhammer!

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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