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Time to tell a little story, so if you don't care to read the whole thing,
I'll summarize: The DX God Gundam rules the school. Go buy one if you can
find one.
So Canada Post leaves me a little note saying I have to go pay the customs
fee on a package. "Ah ha, I think. My long overdue Gundamshop.cop order must
be here. Excellent, I can start building my GM Custom tonight". So I arrive,
and they bring out this HUGE box. You could probably fit a dozen MG boxes in
it. I pay my customs fee and proceed to walk the 25 minute walk home lugging
this big box. Looking at the address, I realize it was the God Gundam I
bought off o' Yahoo Auctions. I was curious as to why the box was so large.
I figured I could have saved in shipping if he'd used a smaller box ... so
anyway I get home, open it up, and let me tell you nothing could have
prepared me for the size of this thing. I was expecting something a little
bigger than 1/100, but this is clearly 1/60. It positively towers over
anything else on my toy shelf. The previous champ, Metroplex, quakes in fear
=) Hell, the beam sabres alone are taller than a 1/100 kit!
Now to backtrack a little bit. I've never been one for buying stuff MISB. I
want the toy, not the packagin. In all my years collecting toys I've never
bought something "old" MISB. Closest was the HCM RX-178 I bought this
summer, but even then, the box was pretty worn and it had been clearly
opened before. This ... well ... You've got this huge box sitting in front
of you ... it's awe inspiring =) Exactly what I remember being a kid and
getting a new toy.
So somewhat more carefully than I did as a child, I open the box, remove it
from its styrofoam packaging and pick it up. Not only is it big, but its
hefty and actually feels solid for a change. Japanese kids get cooler toys,
I'm telling you =)
I'm fiddling around with it, pick up the Core Lander (which transforms to
fit into the back ... and looks nifty to boot). I attatch the two bits of
armor that weren't there to begin with, slap on the stickers, and assembler
the beam sabre, step back and take a look. Terribly imposing. He's so big he
won't fit on the same shelf as the rest of my Gundam stuff.
Some more fiddling revels popup chainguns on both shoulders (COOL!) and then
i accidentally knock the chestplate up to see ... a red light! A red
freakin' shining light! Bitching! How many US toys have glowing lights on
them, and come with a battery?
Huge number of panel lines on him need to be done ... many times more than
on your average MG kit. That's going to be a workout in itself.
All's not perfect, but the only downsides are minor quibbles. There's zero
ankle posability, which is a bit dissapointing, and the god fingers are a
bit loose, but that I can live with.
Considering the price I paid ($60us+$17 shipping from overseas) this is a
bloody steal. If you ever happen to see one, don't hesitate to pick it up if
you want to add a little size to your collection. I have a newfound respect
for God Gundam's stylings, as well. Very samurai feel to it ... sorta like
the Musha HCM's with slightly less armor. Who says size matters not? ;p

Now, how many others are in the DX line, what are they, and does anybody own
them and can comment on their quality? Secondly, what makes the Toys R Us
exclusive version different from the regular one? I've seen pictures of a
VERY chromy (to the point of unpleasantness) DX God Gundam out there, but
the pictures were blurry and I couldn't quite tell.

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