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>>>Er... do you mean it can't attempt do a split or that the legs don't
>>>swirl/turn at the hips?
>>I mean do a split.

>While it can't do an exact split, the legs do spread a little to the sides.
>The scanned assembly diagrams Hoshino put up should give you a pretty good
>idea of the kit's articulation.
All I need is for it to be able to move its legs a little bit.
>> I love painting and lots of work on models!

>Good! Pracitce your skills on these cheap little kits.
 I am weird in a way. I use HG kits for practice and I do my best on FG
models. I don't know why, I just do.
>>How would I put in the polycaps?
>You will need to modify the parts - cut out some parts so you'd have
>enough room for housing the polycaps, and use putty to fill in the areas
>that need to be filled in to hold the polycap recepticles, etc. It's like
>building a garage kit, but even more involved as you're sort of scratch-
>building the joints so they'd accomodate the polycaps.
>> I am planning to get like 2-3 and a bunch of supplies and excessories

>Hmm... these days U.S. stores sell them kits cheap, thanks to HLJ's threat.
>Most prices I've seen are fairly competitive unless the store gets greedy.
>If you can't find what you're looking for locally then by all means get
>them from Rainbow Ten or HLJ.
 The only place I can get FG models is at Legends. So I would be getting
ripped off buying from them. The only things I get from Legends, is paint.

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