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>>I am very close to buying one, I just want these questions answered.
>On the
>>old 1980 Zaku 2 kit, the legs can't move left to right.

>Er... do you mean it can't attempt do a split or that the legs don't
>swirl/turn at the hips?
I mean do a split.
>>Can the FG Zaku's
>>legs move left to right?

>It's got a split-V type of connector to the legs at the hips, so it can
>attempt to to a split but there are no polycaps so it is fixed at the
>location where the rods connect with the legs and it is not possible to
>"rotate" the legs at the hip joint. The split-v pegs are basically two
>rods connected at the groin area so they can turn up and down independently
>from each other:
> /
> /
> \ / o o
> ---o--- \ / / \ /
> o / \ /
>The O is where the two rods connect at the bottom of the Zaku II's groin.
>The legs connect to the ends of the pegs. Note that the angles are very
>exaggerated, due to the limiting skirt armors the actual range of movement
>is not as dynamic as the diagrams show.
>>Should I get one?

>If you don't like painting then don't bother. This kit seems to be targeted
>at fanatic/hardcore modelers who are looking for a true challenge in mod
>work. While the proportions and joints have been improved over the original
>kit, it's really a base kit for people who want to add polycaps and do
>a lot
>of detail works to achieve the PG/MG look on a 1/144 scale.
 I love painting and lots of work on models!
>>What color is the plastic molded?
>The lighter shade of green on the Zaku II, or pink in the Char's Zaku II
>>How long do the joints last?

>Not too long - you're supposed to use your own aftermarket polycaps if
>don't want to make it fixed pose.
How would I put in the polycaps?
>>How much would shipping be on HLJ( if anybody
>They only send orders to the U.S. via UPS, so after all is said and done
>you probably end up paying twice or 3 times over the kit's price on
>shipping unless you're getting it as a part of a big order. You're
>probably better off getting it from a U.S. store if that's all you're going
>to get.
 I am planning to get like 2-3 and a bunch of supplies and excessories

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