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Mon, 25 Sep 2000 23:57:32 -0800

Yutaka Izubuchi Mechanical Design Works 1: Realistic World

104pp. 2300yen ISBN 4-89601-490-1

0080 fans rejoice! This book covers Izubuchi's work on Gundam, (ZZ,
Char's Counterattack, 0080, Wing Gundam costume designs), Xabungle,
and Gasaraki. There are a few pages devoted to other series but the
bulk is made up of designs from these three series.

Unfortunately it is mostly line art that hard core fans would
probably have in other source books. There are some working designs
of the NT-1, RE-GZ, Jegan, and many of the ZZ MS but they are all
pretty close to the eventual designs. I didn't quite realize it but
it seems Izubuchi did everything from 0080. They have drawings of MS,
spaceships, vehicles, uniforms all from 0080.

A lot of stuff from this series, everything but the hero mechs I think.

Some cool stuff from this series. Esp since I don't think much
information was ever published on it.

My favorite drawing is an Aqua GM which I think was cut from 0080.
It's too bad this one wasn't picked to be in giren's greed instead of

Next up is vol. 2 Fantastic world. (Dunbine, Galient, & Super-Robots)


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