Tue, 26 Sep 2000 01:14:02 EDT

their is a new gundam site that is just now getting up and running. if you
have a gundam related site fill free to join the webring and if you have any
fan art send it to gods_of_the_arena@hotmail.com and I will put it up on the
site. Or if you have some photos of gundam models you have painted we would
really like your photos of them here is the site url
http://gundam_arena.tripod.com some of the links on the page are not up and
running I'm still working on them so give me time also the only thing you
have to do to join to webring or banner exchange programe is to put are
webring nav bar for the webring and are banner and all you have to do for
the banner exchage is put are banner up on your site and you need some type
of gundam related stuff on your site to join the webring. (all site that
join the webring will be looked over then if they have what it takes I will
add them to the webring or banner exchange. if the submit form on the site
doesn't work go here to join the webring <A
ebRing: addsite</A> .

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