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<< All i've got to say is GO BANDAI! It's nice to see a company sticking to
 their guns and going for the long haul, not just trying to make a quick
 buck. Sure they're in it for the money, but now maybe the Wing kiddies will
 understand why UC Gundam is so much better. MSG, 0080, 0083, and 08th MS
 team all on TV ... it's a good time to be a Gundam fan, my friends =)

  I second that. Go Bandai!! I hope we will see Z, ZZ and V on CN as well. I
hope 0083 results in some MSiA type figures from 0083. BTW, I recommend the
HGUC Gundam GP 01 to any Gundam fan. I've almost finished it and it seems
it's going to be VERY durable!! once finished. Espcailly it's legs and arms.
It has stickers for the red parts on the knees, but I tried using one and as
likely expected, it didn't work good, so I used a red Pigma Micron to fill
these parts in, the pen makes it look better then the sticker.

  It's seems the way the kits assembled, is what causes to be be stable. I'd
love to have more kits follow this kits example. This kit is a very good kit.
The beam saber blade and handle are one white piece. Why? HG kits should have
a snap in clear blade, not a clear blade and handle or a while blade and
handle. HG needs to be made special again, IMO.


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