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>another thing to consider is something like the Zanzibar class cruisers
>are quite a bit heftier than simple cockpits with thrusters on struts
>and guns lsung under them a-la Babylon 5 space-fighters, so the rules
>for conservation of energy and inertia come into play when trying to
>swing the nose of something that massive around, not to mention it's
>hard for me to picture the zanzibar's verniers even combined having a
>thrust-to-weight ratio aproaching those stubby little fighters that we
>so often associate those cool Zero-G combat maneuveres with.. also while
>you're busy sqinging your main guns in-line with your foes on the right,
>you're also exsposing your back-side to yoru enemies on your left..

Would that mean a need for broadside tactics? this sounds a bit like good ol'
Harlock! yeehah!

on another note...I just finished doing a lot of parts swapping between my ver1
rx78, ver1.5 and my GM to come up with a cool looking rx78 the course
of it, I was also able to get the other two to come out as variants. not bad!
  nothing like being from the same mold literally. will have pics and fictional
MS history up soon, in Newtype asylum. I still have to paint them. Specially
the GM parts. I hate light puke green.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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