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> >I can buy this is the ships are under power, accelerating along their lineof
> >flight, but if they're coasting, even at high velocity, they can rotate
> on any
> >or all three axes just as freely as if they were at rest.
> In theory, yes, but in Gundam this possibility is generally ignored. In
> the case of Kishiria's skirmish, though, they're also accelerating
> constantly to get through the Federation fleet as quickly as possible.
another thing to consider is something like the Zanzibar class cruisers
are quite a bit heftier than simple cockpits with thrusters on struts
and guns lsung under them a-la Babylon 5 space-fighters, so the rules
for conservation of energy and inertia come into play when trying to
swing the nose of something that massive around, not to mention it's
hard for me to picture the zanzibar's verniers even combined having a
thrust-to-weight ratio aproaching those stubby little fighters that we
so often associate those cool Zero-G combat maneuveres with.. also while
you're busy sqinging your main guns in-line with your foes on the right,
you're also exsposing your back-side to yoru enemies on your left..


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