Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 03:07:32 -0700

> I think I'll give up predicting MG kits. =)

Yeah, Bandai's release pattern has no rhythm or reason whatsoever...

>>The MG Zaku II was exploited big time... they made the R-variants and
>>MG Zaku I variants off of it.
> How much recycling does the Zaku I kit have? Given that it's an
>ancestor of the Zaku II, I assume quite a bit.

Everything's basically the same except for the areas that would have had
conductive cables connected to it, plus the chest and backpack. The arms
are also a bit different as the old Zaku didn't have a shoulder-mounted

> The R1 and R2 versions of the Zaku are quite similar to each other,
>right? Besides the obvious change in colour, I mean.

Nope, the R2 has extra leg armor and a different set of shoulder spikes.
The R1 of Shin Matsunaga has a different shoulder piece on the right and
I believe their backpacks are not identical either.

>>> The worst case I can think of was GM Custom -> GM Quell, and the
>>>Quell didn't lead to any other MG kits.
>>Don't forget they are both based on the MG Alex.
> I don't have either the Custom or Quell kits, but how close are they
>to the Alex?

They are structurally identical, Bandai merely slapped different armor pieces
onto the same frame.


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