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And here we are again, with me doing another versus-style review. My thanks
to Benj, who traded an HGUC Hizack and the soon-to-come Bawoo for an excellent
old-style 1/100 ZZ kit. But thatís for another day.

Here we go, it the old Hizack versus the new!


The old Hizack wins hands down on this one. Why? Itís got a raised section
for the mono eye, thatís why. The new HZ has the same problem as all new 1/144
Zeon stuff: no physical eye to speak of; in this case, just a blank grey plate
where you can position the sticker. The grey is off-putting, and is a big minus
for the new kit. On the plus side, the head cables are soft, the material much
like the cables on the 0080 Zaku. The new kitís head is also slightly smaller.


The old kit has bulkier frame, which is nice, but the new kit has a functioning
waist. The backpack is also larger in the original version, but the new kit
has fully movable maneuvering fins and booster plates, so I have to give it
over to the new kit for that detail. Unfortunately, the old kit has more movable
shoulder joints, while the new one has stick joints. Oh well. Also, the cables
that used to originate from the armpits is now not there, it is all on the arms.
 More on this later.


The waist plates move on the new kit, unlike in the old one, where they were
part of the body halves, but this did not impede the old kit from having good
hip movement, so I guess that itís a tie.


This is the biggest change. The cables have been repositioned so that it wonít
pose a problem in terms of poseability. The shoulder plate on the left is now
polycapped, which is a great improvement from the older kit. The hands are
also great in the new kit, in that the polycap wrists nullify the falling hands
effect. The shield for the new version is also cool, though very similar to
the old kit.


The legs are very similar to the old kit to the point where I suspect that it
was basically just an upgrade and retool.


It comes only with the rifle, which is an update on the old kitís rifle. BOO.


For the first time, I have an HGUC that really just feels like an update, rather
than a downsized MG. This is easily the most disappointing HGUC I have ever
had, but it is still an improvement on the old kit, since the old kit was a
glue-necessary affair. I would say that if you get this one, itís good for
continuityís sake, but not in terms of having a great kit. I would rather bash
the best of both kits together, or maybe just cut-up and rework the old one.
 This is not one of the HGUC lineís shining moments. But I love it anyway since
it will NOT fall to pieces when it does fall of the shelves, except maybe snap
of one of the backpackís maneuvering fins. Get it if you like the design, but
I wouldnít say that this is a must-buy. It is a big letdown.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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