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At 21:08 09/24/2000 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:
>The original post said that a MG Gouf Flight Type is more possible than
>a MG Gouf Custom, which doesn't sound right considering how little work
>Bandai wants when recycling the mold.

        Oh, I see your point. In retrospect, it's pretty silly, wasn't it?

        I think I'll give up predicting MG kits. =)

>The MG Zaku II was exploited big time... they made the R-variants and
>MG Zaku I variants off of it.

        How much recycling does the Zaku I kit have? Given that it's an
ancestor of the Zaku II, I assume quite a bit.

        The R1 and R2 versions of the Zaku are quite similar to each other,
right? Besides the obvious change in colour, I mean.

>> The worst case I can think of was GM Custom -> GM Quell, and the
>>Quell didn't lead to any other MG kits.
>Don't forget they are both based on the MG Alex.

        I don't have either the Custom or Quell kits, but how close are they
to the Alex?

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