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Sun, 24 Sep 2000 21:10:51 -0700 (PDT)

--- Edward Ju <> wrote:
> >interesting really...
> >but it seems i expected more from bandai...
> Agreed! 15,000 yen for this? I don't think so.

the question again: who exactly is bandai targetting
with the perfect grade wing zero custom?

well, hey, maybe they'll give the next perfect grade
gundams a clavicle. ;)

and maybe it'll filter down to the master grades. :)

> I don't know about the wings, but the proportions
> looked a bit off -
> it's a bit blocky and not as curvy/sleek as it
> should be. The worst
> mistake they did was posing it like the illustration
> on the 1/144 kit's
> box... really brings out the bad proportions when
> you compared to the
> Fighting Action pose of the 1/144 kit. There's just
> no comparison...
> the 1/144 sculpting remains superior.

the twin buster rifle pose is just so underwhelming.
so underwhelming for a perfect grade, that it's lame.

i'm not going on a tirade about "girlie mechs" this
time. the girls might just kill me for that. :)

oddly enough, after looking at the pg pics, i'm
thinking of grabbing a 1/100 and doing the wings like
the tentacle-wings of archangel tyrael in diablo 2.
(hey, i mean tentacle wings in a nice way...they were
awesome, the way tyrael used them...)


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