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At 12:21 09/24/2000 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:
>That sounds almost sarcastic. Considering how little screen time those
>Gouf Flight types got and how little recycled parts could be used, you'd
>be more likely to see a MG Gouf Custom than the Flight Type, not to mention
>the hero pilot factor.

        No, no sarcasm was intended. Recycling the MG Gouf into a Custom or
a Flight type should be relatively simply, as IMO 80% to 90% of the parts
are reusable. Of course, there won't be any other MGs based on the Gouf
Custom, but then again, we don't really see much parts recycling beyond a
second generation, right?

        The worst case I can think of was GM Custom -> GM Quell, and the
Quell didn't lead to any other MG kits.

        The Hero Pilot factor is a good point, though.

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