KurenaiJiku (kurenaijiku@tech-base.com)
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 19:31:58 -0700

>Your GM is nice.. pretty good bevel work too. I would like to see you
depart from
>the stiff proportions of the model kits.. I tend to like smoother looking
>so its a matter of taste. Do you intend to get full posing out of it??? As
I ve
>said before to Peter, I alway wnat to get posability out of any character I
>make.. Thats part of the reason I m not too crazy about mobile suits..I
>intend to make my version of what the first gundam and zaku were intended
to be..
>Think Mobile SUIT..Not giant robot.. I might get flamed for my

Thanks. I intend to get as much posing as I possible can get out of it. I
might have to change a few things here and there.


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