Ricky Lai (x-lai@uchicago.edu)
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 18:37:32 -0500

This would make sense if ships in the UC Gundam universe can actually adjust launch
angle and other precise factors. The problem, however, is that Gundam ships seem
only able to launch units out in only one manner. Sure ships have superior sensors
and other devices, but if the bridge crew was good enough, they should be able to
convey the right information to pilots for more precise maneuvers.

-Z- wrote:

> The ship has much superior sensors, ranging gear, and ballistic computers than
> any MS could possibly carry, so why not use the power most effectively? The
> catapult, controlled from the bridge or gunnery section, can launch the MS with
> the most precise vector and acceleration to put it at the desired battle station
> is minimum time, without expending propellant that the MS will need in battle
> and recovery.

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