Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 12:00:54 -0700

>i was looking for the GM & Ball MSiA in our local mall and i was sure it
>was already
>there... but it still wasn't... shucks...

I got mine about two weeks ago.

>so i got the next new thing
>instead... a RX-78 G-3
>Gundam. Looks good in the package, and i was hoping that bandai would
>make a remedy
>since the RX-78-2 had a lot of defects... so i decided to get it to
>appease me.
>unfortunately... it was a major ___k up.
>the damn thing was really full of crap. the arms get separated
>easily..., the waist part is like
>some sort ox XXL shorts worn by a size XS mobile suit... the backpack
>throttle is sooo
>loose and it always gets stuck towards the back... major f___ up it is.

It's a HK exclusive, so Bandai of Japan is in no hurry to fix it...
they just used the same mold, which is probably more deformed after
having already churned out hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of
the same toy in RX-78-2 colors.


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