Sun, 24 Sep 2000 14:40:08 -0400

I was at the Eastern States Expo (The Big E) in Springfield Ma. on
In the home expo building there is a model shop with about 50-60
different type Gundam models on hand!
They have(had), this is only what I can remember offhand.......
2 PG's ..... 1 Zaku II or III(?) and another type
various MG's... V-Gundam, RX-78-2(?) and 2 crystal(clear) kits and many
Tons of the HG kits including the GW/EW Heavy Arms & GunCannon.
And others that I could not place like a "Rose Gundam".

The prices seemed reasonable.
$58.00 for the 1/100th MG V-Gundam
$15.00 for the GW/EW Heavy Arms
Do not forget the sales tax............

Good hunting.


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