Winn Sevilla (
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 18:57:56 +0800

i was looking for the GM & Ball MSiA in our local mall and i was sure it
was already
there... but it still wasn't... shucks... so i got the next new thing
instead... a RX-78 G-3
Gundam. Looks good in the package, and i was hoping that bandai would
make a remedy
since the RX-78-2 had a lot of defects... so i decided to get it to
appease me.

unfortunately... it was a major ___k up.
the damn thing was really full of crap. the arms get separated
easily..., the waist part is like
some sort ox XXL shorts worn by a size XS mobile suit... the backpack
throttle is sooo
loose and it always gets stuck towards the back... major f___ up it is.

curses... the damn thing got a lot of complaints and bandai doesn't do
anything about it?
no fair! i shouldn't have gotten this MSiA...

1. did anyone here buy the RX-78-2 as well? how do i get to fix it on
it's "problems"?

2. I'm still planning to get the GM & Ball MSiA... so anybody here have
it already? does it
still have the same problems as the RX-78?

3. Ohmygosh! the ZEONG! it's in MSiA!!! oh man!!! (just wanna say
that... damn i'm gonna get that for sure!)

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