Winn Sevilla (
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 18:12:48 +0800

interesting really...
but it seems i expected more from bandai...
i was hoping that the wings would have more details, like being "fluid"
since it's composed of
small feathers... something like that...

the upper part of the main wings look a bit "hollow" like the 1/100 EW
the shape looks the same... although for me it'd be better if bandai made
it "fluid"
by separating that part to multiple sections......

the lower part of the main wings looks like an separated version from the
1/100 EW kit as well.?
dunno about the binder wings... looks fine by me.

interior details look good. hands look perfect. really brings out the
essence of the Zero Custom.
"angelic gundam" whatever...

poses from the first pic look really cool... very...

overall? dunno. i don't have the dough to buy the thing, so i'll leave
the review up to u guys.
but seeing from the pic... well... i was expecting a lot more...
especially on the wing part...

Henry Kwan wrote:

> PG Wing!!!

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