Sat, 23 Sep 2000 23:11:07 EDT

  This game looks very good. It's made by the same person who did Metal Gear
Solid, so it's gotta to be good. The link below has links to 170 pictures of
the game and an 8 MB movie.

  One neat visual feature is the robots have lighted "veins" that pulse on
and off. It's very TRON like, but much cooler. These "veins" are like light
tubes. The movie barely shows this, but is enough to see how they work. The
robots are very unique looking, for humanoid mechs. Still pictures DO NOT do
this game any justice at all.

  I got the latest issue of EGM yesterday and in the PS2 Previews section,
the 0079 game is shown. The short paragraph says the mechs will learn
stregities during battles. I assume this is based on the learning computers
that Gundam's have?!?! Hopefully, maybe this automate some stuff in combat?
Aren't the GM's in 0079 preprogrammed with Amuro's moves? I could have sworn
I read somewhere that this Gundam game is likely to be released in the U.S.
as well.


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