Chris Maier (
Sat, 23 Sep 2000 21:38:54 -0400

I'm wondering-where does this fit in the GM family tree? It's identical to
the GM(E)-from 08th MS team, is there any plausible explanation for this
apart from the fact that Katoki was being lazy? From what I've read, the
preproduction GMs-the E and G types-were more powerful to the latter
mass-produced versions. My quess is that GM(E) was the GM the UNT wanted to
make, but couldn't do the resources being drained by the way. However, when
the war was over, the Federation was able to finally to mass-produce the
E-type as the GM kai.
BTW I think the Kai deserves an HGUC kit, or maybe even an MG kit. The GM
Quell has an MG kit and it only was on screen for a few seconds!

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