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> I used to work on the avionics and weapons control systems of the F-106A/B
> fighter interceptor. When the interceptor program was first developed, it was
> based on a system called the Semi-Autonomic Ground Environment (SAGE). SAGE was
> a network of computer and communication systems in concrete bunkers staged all
> across the Northern Tier (Alaska, upper Continental US and Greenland) that
> received input from the Distant Early Warning (DEW) radars and used to to fly
> the fighter interceptors to within ten miles of the incoming targets. During
> deployment, the pilots were passengers in a guided missile that was released to
> their control only when they were within engagement range. It wa a pilot
> rebellion that finally killed SAGE -- like the Mercury, Gemini Apollo
> astronauts, they didn't like being passengers and wanted complete control at all
> times -- but variations on the idea are still in use with AWACS and other
> command and control systems.
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IIRC the former soviet union used similar tactics with it's interceptors
in the early to mid or even late jet age (last 2 decades) the
interceptor pilots wree basically slaves ot the ground ontrolers and
werent' so much piloting fighters as they were running flying SAM


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