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> It wa a pilot
> rebellion that finally killed SAGE -- like the Mercury, Gemini Apollo
> astronauts, they didn't like being passengers and wanted complete
> control at all
> times -- but variations on the idea are still in use with AWACS and other
> command and control systems.

Well at the end of Mercury program, "Gordo" Cooper was the last Murcury
astronaut to be shot up. On his way back down, he calmly informed mission
control the gradual lost of ALL onboard automatic navigation system. At the
end, he has exactly 2 instruments to tell him his orientation, direction and
general sense of where he was, the cockpit window (which the engineer at the
onset wants to elimate for weight consideration) and his watch. Cooper's
splashdown was closest to the desinated splash down of all 7 Mucury flight.

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