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> >Just a question ^^ Kusko Al is not in regular Gundam Anime so where is she
> >from? She is just made up for DC version of Giren's Greed right?;;;
> Kusko Al was originally concieved as a character for Eps. 46 and 47 of the
> original series (which of course were dropped when the sereies was cancelled
> early). Tomino created her as Degin Zabi's secretary and a romantic
> interest for Brite, who turned out to be a spy for Giren.

I hate to be a Grammar Cop, but due to a misplaced modifier you seem to be
saying that Bright Noa was a spy for Gihren Zabi.

To rephrase it for clarity, Kusko Al was created as a secretary to Degwin Zabi
who was actually spying on him fro Gihren and would, at some point, become
romantically involved with Bright Noa.

> She later
> appeared, as a very powerful newtype, and part of Kishiria's Newtype Corps
> in Tomino's novelization, and it is this version which most likely appears
> in Giren's Greed. In fact, this latter version has already been confirmed
> as appearing in Newtype's 'For the Barrel' manga retelling of the Tomino
> novels.

Just so.


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