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> As Z Gundam begins, the Titans are a small elite force, with just a
> handful of ships. They can spare only two ships to pursue the AEUG after a
> raid on Gryps - the Titans' home base! - and are forced to requisition a
> regular Federal Forces cruiser as backup. During Operation Apollo, their
> attack on Von Braun City, half their ships are Musai cruisers borrowed from
> the Zeon Republic. After the capture of Von Braun, the Federation Assembly
> finally gives the Titans control of the Federal Forces fleet, but up until
> then they're a small force that has to borrowing ships from allies and other
> military branches.

I've always analogized the Titans to the Nazi SS and the Federation regulars to
the Wehrmacht. The uniforms, the hostility between the respective branches, the
relative strengths, and the fact that the Titans are as much a political as a
military force are all analogous.

> A mere dozen episodes after this, the AEUG persuades the Federation
> Assembly to switch sides, and now it's the AEUG that has the Federal Forces
> fleet at its disposal. (Thus, the Titans have _not_ "gradually swallowed the
> entire Federal Forces" - in fact, they've been kicked out of the
> Federation!)

Here, the analogy breaks down. (^_^)

> It's possible to turn the entire ship, but it's not quick or easy -
> especially if the ships are moving at high speeds. Think of the clash
> between Kishiria's small fleet and the Federation fleet just before the
> Battle of A Bao A Qu, during which all of Kishiria's ships except the Gwazin
> are blown apart while running a gantlet of Federation cruisers. The Musais
> and Zanzibars are virtually powerless to fight back, since they're traveling
> at full speed through the enemy fleet.

I can buy this is the ships are under power, accelerating along their lineof
flight, but if they're coasting, even at high velocity, they can rotate on any
or all three axes just as freely as if they were at rest. If the ships
generated onboard "gravity" by spinning along their longitudinal axis or using
rotating components like the gravity block system on the Ahgama, they'd be just
as fixed in their orientation as if under power, due to gyroscopic forces. But
a free-falling ship should have a full six degrees of freedom using attitudinal
jets perpendicular to the axes of rotation.


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