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With a low mobility, the Doros class doesn't seem to be an offensive vessel at
all. In my opinion, it is designed to serve as a defensive carrier that works
way behind the front line, where the MSs can take care of the rest.

Lim Jyue wrote:

> Even with 7 exits, without catapults, you can probably march two or
> even three MSes out the launch bay at the same time -- just line them up in
> the bay and walk them out. This way, you can throw up a enormous defensive
> screen of MS very quickly, but no offensive power at all. Hmm. The Doros
> seems to be getting less useful as we speak. =)
> But yeah, with so few exits, having so many MS is useless. Perhaps
> the Doros is more like a mobile base rather than a carrier?

And that didn't cost him much more propellant! The difference is just that 100
meters of deck length. The Sazabi gained attained much the same speed as it
would have with a catapult. Hence the catapult is simply yet anothr fancy
gimmick to satisfy the mechanics fans.

> BTW, IIRC, the first time we saw the Sazabi it didn't get a catapult
> launch. I think Char simply marched out the bay and then once clear simply
> accelerated away.


> I think this is the main problem, as chronologically speaking it
> shouldn't be possible for Z and ZZ naval fleets to be so small, when in 0083
> we see dozens of different capital ships every few episodes.
> We know 0083 has serious contiunity problems, so this may simply be
> one of these.

An excellent observation!

> Fleet tactics seems to be different between the Federation and the
> Zeon Archduchy. Federation ships, with the notable exception of the White
> Base, seems to favour broadside exchanges, whereas Zeon ships seems to be
> built for head on exchanges at range (Zanzibars, Komusai and Musai tends to
> have guns concentrated in the front).
> One possible explanation is that Zeon naval tactics rely heavily on
> MSes to attack and defend. Zakus will keep other capital ships off the
> Musai's tail, while other Zakus will take the fight close in to destroy
> opposing ships. The Musai's beam turrets are really meant to soften the
> opposition up at range.
> OTOH, the Federation navy, used to ship-to-ship action, is more
> conventionally laid out to maximize broadside firepower. Understandable,
> considering that the MSes were not part of the Federation tactics when the
> ships are laid down.

The Pegasus class is definitely a rip off of Zion's designs to utilize MSs. The
only difference is that the storyline is always on its side. Recall that the
White Base received a million blows from all sides when it tried to "beach" A
Bao A Qu. Yet, instead of instantly blowing up like Zion cruisers would, it was
lost only after it successfully "beached," with plenty of time for its crew to
evacuate before engulfed by internal explosion. Go figure!

> The White Base is a departure from standardized Federation ships,
> and it seems to copy the Musai arrangements. Whether this is a straight copy
> off the Zeon ships, or a design consideration is of course, open to debate.

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