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>Pardon my ignorance, but what is "delta-V?" How does a quick attaining of
>delta-V useful in economizing on propellant?

        Delta-V means "change in velocity", literally. A Delta-V can thus be
a measure of acceleration, but we generally refer to it as a gain in velocity.

        Now, MS need to expand propellant to gain delta-V, which is bad,
since they are burning propellant they might need later in a furball. A
catapult shoots a MS out at a high velocity without it needing to expand
anything, so that's good.

        Theory: With a catapult system on a MS carrier, you can theortically
load a MS down with weaponry and *still* get it into combat at a reasonable
speed without burning too much of its own propellant. Since each weapon will
add to the mass of the MS, and hence consume more propellant to accelerate
the extra mass to the same velocity, the catapult might be a way to get
around the problem.

        Of course, all these extra weapons will be long range, one shot
weapons, since the MS will need to ditch these before seriously engaging in
a MS-MS fight.

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