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> Sure - and most Zeon ships, like the Musai and Gwazin, don't have any
>catapults at all. But the point is that that the Doros has only seven
>exits - there's no other way for mobile suits to exit the carrier,
>including plain old airlocks. Judging from the amount of time it takes to
>launch a mobile suit in the animation - probably at least 30 seconds, if
>not a minute - it would take about a quarter of an hour for the Doros to
>empty its hangars, which simply isn't practical for a pitched battle.

        Even with 7 exits, without catapults, you can probably march two or
even three MSes out the launch bay at the same time -- just line them up in
the bay and walk them out. This way, you can throw up a enormous defensive
screen of MS very quickly, but no offensive power at all. Hmm. The Doros
seems to be getting less useful as we speak. =)

        But yeah, with so few exits, having so many MS is useless. Perhaps
the Doros is more like a mobile base rather than a carrier?

        BTW, IIRC, the first time we saw the Sazabi it didn't get a catapult
launch. I think Char simply marched out the bay and then once clear simply
accelerated away.

> Not to mention that the Z writers were assuming that the Federation
>hadn't really rebuilt its armed forces after the end of the war. The
>massive arms buildup of 0083 was a big fat retcon, which required an
>equally massive catastrophe to erase and restore the shrunken military we
>see in Z Gundam.

        I think this is the main problem, as chronologically speaking it
shouldn't be possible for Z and ZZ naval fleets to be so small, when in 0083
we see dozens of different capital ships every few episodes.

        We know 0083 has serious contiunity problems, so this may simply be
one of these.

>The point is that Zeon ships fare very badly when they're
>in the middle of the fray, getting hit from all sides - the Musai, in
>particular, is designed to sit safey back from the action and provide
>artillery fire.

        Fleet tactics seems to be different between the Federation and the
Zeon Archduchy. Federation ships, with the notable exception of the White
Base, seems to favour broadside exchanges, whereas Zeon ships seems to be
built for head on exchanges at range (Zanzibars, Komusai and Musai tends to
have guns concentrated in the front).

        One possible explanation is that Zeon naval tactics rely heavily on
MSes to attack and defend. Zakus will keep other capital ships off the
Musai's tail, while other Zakus will take the fight close in to destroy
opposing ships. The Musai's beam turrets are really meant to soften the
opposition up at range.

        OTOH, the Federation navy, used to ship-to-ship action, is more
conventionally laid out to maximize broadside firepower. Understandable,
considering that the MSes were not part of the Federation tactics when the
ships are laid down.

        The White Base is a departure from standardized Federation ships,
and it seems to copy the Musai arrangements. Whether this is a straight copy
off the Zeon ships, or a design consideration is of course, open to debate.

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