Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sat, 23 Sep 2000 05:53:35 -0700

>At 21:26 09/22/2000 GMT, Chris Beilby wrote:
>>> Darn.. old style Gouf. Wished it was the 08MST Gouf version.. =)

Surprise, surprise. It's not like Bandai announced it'd be a MG Gouf
Custom before any pictures or prototypes came out.

>>The differences are mostly cosmetic, except for the hand and the gatling
>>cannon attached to the shield. Shouldn't be too hard to convert over...
> A bit of difference in the torso, but the main problem converting
>over should be the Gatling cannon. Where am I going to find parts to do
>that? =)

The 1/100 Heavyarms Custom kit should give you a good start.

> Also, it strikes me that the shield for the MG Gouf seems to bit a
>tad small, and it seems to be clipped onto the forearm (no hole in the arm
>--> no polycap). This can be a problem..

Yeah, I don't like it at all. Maybe I'll cannicalize the shield from the
old 1/100 Gouf kit for it.


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