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Chris Maier writes

>When we see Delaz withdrawing from A Ba Wa Qu, we also see a group of
>Zaku-Fs and regular Rick Doms with him(Along with that Dom Funf). However,
>these suits appear to be missing during Delaz's fleet operation, and
>replaced by Zaku F2s and Rick Dom IIs. Whatever happened to these suits?

  I expect Delaz just ditched them at Granada and replaced them with
shiny new versions. Both the Zaku F2 and the Rick Dom II are listed as
being produced at Granada, and as we've discussed before, the 0083
opening animation shows Delaz gathering his forces above Granada after
abandoning A Bao A Qu. With a limited number of ships and hangar slots,
it makes sense for him to fill them with the best mobile suits he could get...

-- Mark

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