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At 20:00 09/22/2000 -0400, Chris Maier wrote:
>When we see Delaz withdrawing from A Ba Wa Qu, we also see a group of
>Zaku-Fs and regular Rick Doms with him(Along with that Dom Funf). However,
>these suits appear to be missing during Delaz's fleet operation, and
>replaced by Zaku F2s and Rick Dom IIs. Whatever happened to these suits?

        Considering that the Zaku II was being phrased out towards the end
of the war, spare parts must have been pretty hard to find for these older
MSes. Chances are they have been cannibalized into Dra-Cs, the legless
wonder of 0083. =)

        As for the Rick Doms, it is possible that they are simply
off-screen, or they had been upgraded (which implies material support from
the original manufacturer -- not impossible) or they simply had been
impossible to maintained during the intervening years and are out of commission.

        The key thing here is how far the Delaz fleet had complied with the
Equipment Standardization Plan that resulted in Rick Dom IIs and others
before A Ba Wa Qu.

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