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At 18:24 09/22/2000 -0700, Mark Simmons wrote:
> The former category, cruisers & battleships, typically carry about 4
>mobile suits per catapult. The Doros, with its supposed capacity of 182
>mobile suits, has 26 per catapult (so it would take it a long time to launch
>them all into battle).

        While Mark has made some very good points about catapult capacities
and so on, I'll just like to point out that the use of a catapult for MS (in
space or in an atmosphere) is mainly to give offensive MS a large increase
in delta-V in a short time, to reduce the use of propellant in these MS.

        However, defensive screens of MS merely need to walk out of a
convenient airlock, as their role does not necessarily mean they need a high
delta V. So, taking a Doros for example, assuming it retains a quarter of
its MS for close fleet protection, it means the ratio of MS to catapults
drop to about 20 per catapult. Still a large ratio, but not impossible,
especially if the offensive MS have a high percentage of long-range units,
such as Gelgoogs with external tanks.

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