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The Gryps War is indeed a civil war within the Federation. Yet, despite all
casualties, the U.N.T. does not appear to be large enough, with respect to the
grand scale displayed in Stardust Memories. Although the war involved only two
factions within the Federation, the Titans should not have started off with such
a limited force, as it is an elite force within a rather resourceful

Rodrick Su wrote:

> Not really. The Earth Federation give Titan control over the entire EFF for
> only a brief period of time after Operation Apollo and the brief occupation
> of Van Braun. However, with AEUG/Kabala occupation of Federation Assembly,
> Federation withdraw all direct support of Titan (and AEUG effectively wins
> their political fight).
> See above. For the most part Gryps War was a civil war within EFF with
> Titan having material edge in the early part of the war, and gradually, the
> war took its toll.

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