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Chara Soon managed to wipe out what remained of Toto's Newtype force -- and
that's about 10 Qubeley Mass Production Types! Once again we see that it is the
pilot that matters more in a battle. It is a mystery that Toto could have
regarded his bunch of retarded 10-year-olds as a trump. Isn't Puru a good
enough example of such ridiculous piloting?

Rodrick Su wrote:

> > As for Neo-Zeon (in Gundam ZZ), Gremmi Toto used to
> > have a trump card in his clone army of Puru (Elpeo
> > Ple) and a bunch of Quebeley (mass-production type),
> > but I wonder what ever happen to them after they've
> > killed Chara Soon in the final. They seem to disappear
> > without a trace. :)
> >
> Lets see. Both Chara Soon and Mashma Serro got Streghten Human enhancement.
> They were using Haman's rose as a psychological control on Mashma, and Chara
> didn't have such device on her.

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