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> Subject: [gundam] the psycho frame and the zero system
> Did anyone notice how all the gundams in Wing are able to
> use the zero system? this is seen when the Zero system
> (software program is assume) is transferred to the
> Sandrock. the only thing Heero does is give Quatre
> something that looks like a videogame cartridge. Quatre
> slaps it in and viola! the sandrock has a zero system. It
> appears that all the scientist installed
> zero-to-mind-linking-thingamabobs on all gundams but did
> not install the software for the zero system (like having a
> mouse but no mouse driver). All it took was a single disk
> to enable the function.

ZERO system is just a software.

> I wonder why they never used this method for the gundams of
> the UC era. I mean, they could at least put in some
> primitive version of a bio-sensor of sorts into the big-ass
> MS that are of non-NT use so that if NT's did use em, they
> could employ their NT skills. then again, that is
> costly....

Apples and Oranges. Psychoframe, as the title implied is encasing the
moving frame of the mobile suit as the receptor/transceiver for the
psychowave of the newtype pilot. Mostly it's a hardware device used to
enhance newtype abilities. It is NOT a psycommu control system ala Psycho
Gundam or a mini psycommu control system like bio-sensor that were used to
basically bind the mind of the pilot over their mobile suits. psychoframe
extends the range and the power of the Newtype, so they can basically drive
the funnels faster further and deadlier.

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