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> > Not that anybody else had many newtypes either.
> > The Titans and Axis had the funny problem of plenty
> > of newtype mobile suits, and no newtypes. The
> > Titans' newtype research labs produce only three
> > artificial newtypes between them - Four, Rozamia,
> and
> > Geits Kappa - and after Four's death, the Murasame
> > labs are forced to borrow Augusta's newtypes to test
> > their new hardware...
> For the Titans, will you consider Jerid Messa (in
> later part of the TV series, upon his return to space
> with his MS Byalant) as one of the artifical NT? His
> reflex and sense of prediction was certainly better
> than his ever was, and in the final episodes he
> piloted (Rosamia's) Bound Doc, a MS which can be
> handled only by artifical NTs.

Jerid Messad definately got the Strengthen Human enhancement done on him.
Though he is still an asshole after the treatment, and his personality was
already flippy already, so we didn't notice any difference. But you're
right, normal human will have his brain fried when piloting a Psycommu
Control System mobile suit.

> As for Neo-Zeon (in Gundam ZZ), Gremmi Toto used to
> have a trump card in his clone army of Puru (Elpeo
> Ple) and a bunch of Quebeley (mass-production type),
> but I wonder what ever happen to them after they've
> killed Chara Soon in the final. They seem to disappear
> without a trace. :)

Lets see. Both Chara Soon and Mashma Serro got Streghten Human enhancement.
They were using Haman's rose as a psychological control on Mashma, and Chara
didn't have such device on her.

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