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> Moreover, consider also the
> political scenario towards
> the end of Grups War, in which the Titans gradually swallows the
> entire U.N.T., its
> fleet should only have grown and not shrunk.

Not really. The Earth Federation give Titan control over the entire EFF for
only a brief period of time after Operation Apollo and the brief occupation
of Van Braun. However, with AEUG/Kabala occupation of Federation Assembly,
Federation withdraw all direct support of Titan (and AEUG effectively wins
their political fight).

> Therefore, it
> simply doesn't make
> sense to put the "entire" Titans fleet on the scale of less than
> 100: in the
> animation's case, it is even more absurd -- with the number
> rounding to a pathetic
> 30.

See above. For the most part Gryps War was a civil war within EFF with
Titan having material edge in the early part of the war, and gradually, the
war took its toll.

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