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It is true that the U.N.T. suffered great losses, thanks to the brilliant Stardust
Operation; but the size of the remaining fleet that assaulted the remnants of Delaz
Fleet is quite respectable in itself already. With the glamorous debut of Titans,
revealed at the end of 0083, the fleet commanded by the terror organization should
fall nothing short of huge. Moreover, consider also the political scenario towards
the end of Grups War, in which the Titans gradually swallows the entire U.N.T., its
fleet should only have grown and not shrunk. Therefore, it simply doesn't make
sense to put the "entire" Titans fleet on the scale of less than 100: in the
animation's case, it is even more absurd -- with the number rounding to a pathetic

Scott DiBerardino wrote:

> What, you mean the same fleet that took something like 80% losses during
> Stardust Memories? And this is the same Earth Federation government that
> was 'defeated' by the AEUG, who seem to have no more than a half dozen ships
> at any one time. The overall scale of the Titans War was much smaller than
> the One Year War; altogether no larger in size than Stardust Memories,
> though it lasted much longer.

If the U.N.T. fleet was so brave in wiping out the Delaz Fleet, shouldn't they be
jumping with joy at the prospect of legitimately wiping out the Neo-Zion fleet (of
five -- in the animation)?

> And the NeoZeon fleet has to be larger than five ships (Sadaran, Endra,
> Mindra, Sandra, Endra II) just to account for all the on-screen losses in
> the civil-war battles at the end of Gundam ZZ. Also, I think it was the
> threat of more colony drops rather than the size of Haman's fleet on Earth
> that decided the Federal government's course of inaction.

The Salamis class does have more guns than the Musai class, but those guns are
puny! Such guns are not likely to inflict enough damage on the armor of a combat
vessel, say the Musai class. The double guns on the Musai class, however, appear to
be much more effective in piercing the armor on a Salamis class. It is important to
note that ships enjoy much more freedom of movement in the 3-D environment of space,
and hence it is not at all difficult for a Musai to adjust her position to give a
nasty sting to a Salamis class, especially when battleships are that slow. A
Salamis class, on the other hand, had better think hard in concentrating her
firepower to render a real blow.

> The Salamis has 7 main guns covering every possible arc of fire. The Musai
> has 3 double main guns, with nothing to cover their aft. The Musai, unlike
> the Salamis, notably lacks any reasonable anti-MS armament, other than its
> own MS (which we shouldn't discount). Yet in a straight-up ship-to-ship
> fight, I wouldn't necessarily hand it right over to the Musai.

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