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>Hmm, where did you get that info from? Based on the manga, the events
>in SF91 takes place before and during the events depicted in F91, and
>the Vigna Zirah was a commander's suit of the Flaming Tigers, an elite
>Crossbone Vanguard squad that was testing their new grunt suit in the
>Zebra Zone area.

I have the kit of the Vignah Zirrah. It was included in the SF91 series. At
the very least, it was packaged along with the SF92 series. all the kits I
mentioned are kits which I have. VIgna Zirrah: Red, has wing-cum cannons,
like the F91. has a beam shield, rifle and saber?

>>the GCannon Magma (improved guncannon type).
>More like a AE ripoff of the design from SNRI.


>> Then you have the Neo gundam with the G-bird, the Cluster Gundam, and the

>>nice Hardygun. their weaknesses seem to be the knee and elbow joints, which

>>tend to be flimsy, but they have nice construction, and are definitely worth

>>the money. be warned, though, they tend to be shorter than the average MS,

>>and that some have a lot of extras, but some don't.
>Some also have sucky hands that can't even hold their own weapons.

All hand designs from this series SUCK.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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