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On Fri, 22 Sep 2000 16:50:46 EDT wrote:
>Think about it. You're about to go to war with people that thousands of years
>of experience under their belt. You're going to want to have numerical
>surperiority at least to overwhelm the enemy. That's why they had hundreds of
>ships then, they rebuilt their military.
> takes longer than a few months to build that many ships of those kinds of capabilities. Do you realize how long it takes to build ships today? Much less space vessels of that size and complexity? least a year apiece for most cruisers...and then you have limited building facilities at each site, etc. You cannot build up numbers that quickly. These ships aren't just made by replicators.

And even IF you can, then you have to worry about crews. Finding the numbers needed, their training, etc.

The Federation could not build that many ships that quickly. The ONLY way they could have those kinds of numbers was to take every ship off of every other mission they had and to return all inactive ships from retirement. And then, you are talking about severe consequences (although neccessary ones) from draining all other departments and sending obsolete stuff up against an enemy. And the impression I got was that they didn't really have numerical superiority in most cases anyways.

Anyways, as entertaining as this is, it is not Gundam. I've said my piece.


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