Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 13:39:58 -0700

>some of them are upgrades of the F91 kits, like the righteously nice-looking
>Vigna Zirrah (Vigna Ghina ver.2),

Hmm, where did you get that info from? Based on the manga, the events
in SF91 takes place before and during the events depicted in F91, and
the Vigna Zirah was a commander's suit of the Flaming Tigers, an elite
Crossbone Vanguard squad that was testing their new grunt suit in the
Zebra Zone area.

>the GCannon Magma (improved guncannon type).

More like a AE ripoff of the design from SNRI.

> Then you have the Neo gundam with the G-bird, the Cluster Gundam, and the
>nice Hardygun. their weaknesses seem to be the knee and elbow joints, which
>tend to be flimsy, but they have nice construction, and are definitely worth
>the money. be warned, though, they tend to be shorter than the average MS,
>and that some have a lot of extras, but some don't.

Some also have sucky hands that can't even hold their own weapons.


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