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>It was Cardassia, the planet that the Dominion invaded. I believe they also
>tried to kill every single Cardassian on the planet whenthe people rose up
>and they were getting their asses kicked by the Federation Alliance.
>And DS9 is the best Star Trek series for space battles. The last 2 seasons of
>the show were about the Federation, the Klingons and the Romulans going to
>war with the Dominion. It seemed that in every other episode they had a huge

Of course, that also caused a problem. Whereas before, they often didn't have any ships in a sector, and could barely scrape together 23 ships to form a blockade during the Klingon Civil War and 40 to take on the Borg at Wolfe 359, now all of a sudden, they have hundreds of ships to lose in this war (they lost around 117 ships in one fleet alone)? Granted, it was a great thing to watch, but it didn't make much sense based on what was established before.


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