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>Joseph Riggs wrote:

>that episode, and Star Trek 2 "The wrath of Khan" were probalby the best
>examples of space battels in the entire frahchise.. just tow good
>commanders useing good ships and good tactics and whoever had the most
>tricks up his sleave or could see through mroe of the other guy's tricks
>won.. after that we se the Enterprise (in whatever incarnation) jsut sit
>and take a beating until somebody finds a special little gimmick to
>totally pimp-slap the other guy in one volly.. tow prime examples in TNG
>movies in Generations espionage allows the Durass sisters to find a way
>around the enterprise' shields and IIRC Riker didn't open fire until
>After Worf notified him of a 'convinient' design flaw in the series of
>Bird of prey the sisters were flying.. i mean they were in a ship that
>was what, 5-10 times the size of the other vessel? why didn't they just
>load the torpedo bays and just keep shooting untill the othe ship blew
>up? (and in TNG torpedo launchers can have a rather immpressive rate of
>fire) and in Inssurectoin Grnted Riker came up with a kewl trick pumpint
>consentrated methane that he had sucked up in the ramscoops out and
>letting the enemy ships fry themselves with it.. but c'mon.. the
>Soverign class enterprise-E was designed and built at the time when the
>federation was being seriously threatened by the borg and the dominion
>and what have you as a battleship, not an explorer vessel, and they were
>running from a pair of black-market cruisers?
>so far my favorite from that entire franchise is still Deep Space nine,
>even with the hokey Emissary and prophet stuff Sisko knew how to rock
>the house when the fit hit the shan...

Agreed...although there have been times in Voyager where Janeway shows that she can mix it up as well. Loved that Year of Hell ender where she rammed Voyager into that other ship. And then there was the one where the Doctor was beamed into the Alpha quadrant on the prototype Prometheus-class warship...that had some good battles in it too from what I remember.

Another good ep I thought was "Yesterday's Enterprise", which had a fairly decent battle going on, even if not all that much maneuvering (well, I liked the story at least). And then there was the Enterprise tearing through those Klingon ships in "All Good Things...".

But by far, other than "Balance of Terror" and WoK, the best space battles have definately come from DS9. Give us a good war to spice things up. I especially loved that invasion of that planet (forget the name) where the Dominion's ships just rammed all the Klingon/Federation ships because they couldn't take them on otherwise.


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