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<MAJOR SNIP> (Atten--hut)

> What's also interesting is in the line below:
> MG NT-1 seems to be coming out with a metallic coating
> version, at
> 5000 yen.
> And the MG Rick Dom seems to be out with a special version
> (some
> character.. my katakana's weak..) at 6000 yen.

These two suckers are show specials :( So glad that Tom has given up
on clooecting plated MGs!!
The Alex itself is plated, and the armor is clear plastic.
The Rick Dom is in Red, as in Char-red. I don't remember seeing any
figures shown with them though... hmmm.

Gus (The still trying to straighten out after getting married and is
why he hasn't written) Jae


Gus Jae

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