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> Darn.. old style Gouf. Wished it was the 08MST Gouf version.. =)

yes, but did you see the cannon hand? it has joints at the knuckles. that
makes for some cool subtle poses. I looks like it was built on the Zaku frame.
 oh well.

>>Check out the open palm right hand for the Gelgoog. A definite
>>improvement over all 1/144 hands. Is the machine gun the same one from
>>the 0080 Zaku-FZ kit?
> The palm is definitely very nice, built to grip the MMP-80. No, the

>machine gun is not from the 0080 Zaku-FZ kit, rather, it seems like it's a

>down-scaled version of the MG Zaku II F/J kit's MMP-80. Very much the same

>as what they did with the Zaku IIJ in the 08MST Gundam Vs. Zaku II box set.

As long as it works, I don't mind. i just wish they will come out with a Cima
Version, which I'm sure will come out anyway.

>>Looks like the Dom Tropen is stuck with a sticker mono-eye. When are we
>>gonna get a HGUC kit with a clear plastic piece for the mono-eye?
> I think the time when Bandai includes a clear plastic eye with the

>kits has passed. Seems like it's standard practice to use stickers instead


Which is kinda sad. I guess it'll be time to see if one can kitbash the 0080
RD kit with this baby, and come out with the ... DOM FUNF???? LOL!

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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