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> from what i understand federation vessels were alot better balanced than
> othe rdesigns, they had purpose-built science vessals so tehy weren't
> all crammed ot the gills with sensors and whatnot with no consideratoin
> for war, Klingons had a diferent view on combat and dying honorable in
> battle and such, so thier vessle swere built hyper-agressivly.. very
> fast, very powerfull, but relativly weak shields.. if you were able to
> survive the first pass the odds could quickly shift in your favor

Later on, they were.
Initially (waaaaaay back when the Klingons still looked like bearded humans), Klingons were a typical "evil empire" race, who were so paranoid about treachery and possible security breaches that even the military
commander had a camera in his office to monitor what he was doing.
Such a race probably wouldn't be interested in building really big ships for reasons of internal security. Give a captain the strongest ship in the fleet, and there's always the chance that he'll use it... against
you. A larger fleet of smaller ships makes a lot more sense in that sort of environment.
Also, with the exception of the episode "Balance of Terror" (a duel with a cloaked Romulan Warbird - quick question - Its been how many years, and how many generations of ships later, and they're STILL calling them
Warbirds?), I really can't remember any straight-up starship combats in the original series. Admittedly, I haven't seen too many of the old episodes, but the only one I can remember that involves fighting with a
klingon vessel also has the klingon vessel fleeing the moment the Enterprise is able to let loose with a good volley.

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